Titolare cena sustenteur e stagno. XVIII XIX secolo

Oggetto venduto

-Pomiform pewter lunch pail. Lid with side finials and mobile handle with rosace attachments.
Maker’s mark Louis CLERET, master status in Etampes just before 1756, attributed to both elements.
Height : 15,5 (6.1 in) cm (to edge)
Deformation and dents

- Sustenteur with complete pewter on both lids
Maker’s mark Allez frères (Allez brothers)
Size n°1
Paris, Late 19th Century
Total height: 17 cm (6.6 in)
Perfect condition
This object is often incorrectly called a ‘porte-dîner’ (lunch pail), it is, in fact a cooking utensil used for cooking food 'au bain marie’ ( in hot water), hence the presence of two lids, one, interior fitted, and the other, exterior, screwed.

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