Scena di banchetto scolpita a rilievo sopra. In una parte del periodo Art Deco.

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Petrified mould representing a 17th century banquet scene. In a carved wooden frame from the Art Deco period.

Work by Gimeaux, First Half – 20th Century

The Gimeaux springs ( Auvergne) originate from deep volcanic rifts of 35 degrees temperatures. By the beginning of the XIXth century, man manages to gradually tame them, allying his savoir-faire to a very particular technique. It is the birth of an unusual arts and crafts: incrustation on mouldings. Waters fall from 14 meters in height on crystallizers and start the slow essential work of limestone incrustation on objects and mouldings. After artists have sculptured a design on a lithographic stone or on resin, copper moulds are created from these models. Afterwards, a thick gum is placed on the mould, the gutta – percha, which has to be heated at 80 ° before being mixed and modelled as a plaque. The gum is then pressed and cools slowly taking the shape of the mould. Then, the gum is separated from the mould and is placed under the petrifying fountains during several months for the limestone to finish the rest of the work process.

Small chips

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