Pendolo chiamato "Urania" periodo dell'Impero

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Rare mantle clock known as "Urania" presenting a bronze figure representing Urania holding on her lap an octagonal shaped gilt bronze and enamel dial which sits on a white Carrara marble base which then rests on a blue Turquin marble base.

Empire Period

Notes : In Greek mythology , Urania was the muse of astronomy and astrology (these two disciplines were inseparable for the Greeks). Traditionally she is represented clothed in an azur blue colour robe, crowned by stars and holding in her two hands a globe that appears to measure, or with a globe resting on a tripod by her side and with many manthematical instruments. Urania was part of the Nine Muses, the daughters of Zeus.

Height : 47 cm (18.5 in.) - Width : 29 cm (11.4 in.) - Depth : 23 cm (9 in.)

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