Metalli placcati o ricoperti con vassoio d'argento rettangolari Salvandi Feray

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Silvered metal rectangular tray with chiselled decoration of large scrolling foliage and flowers. The centre engraved with alliance coat of arms stamped with a coronet. Rich frieze of foliage and shells on the border.

Master silversmith : Charles Nicolas Odiot .
Louis Philippe period.

Height: 34.5 cm (13-5/8in) - Width: 43 cm (16-7/8in).

Charles Nicolas Odiot in Paris, 1 rue de l’Evêque, punch hallmarked April 13, 1830

The arms are those of Narcisse-Achille de Salvandy and Louise Julie Feray. - Salvandy [Gascony and Ireland] - (Counts, 1843) - Quarterly at 1 silver two-faced lions gules 2 blue with three gold stars to 3 reds with gold band 4 golden sand two bulls head resting the front on each other - Feray [Normandy, Le Havre] - (knighted in 1775) - ermine, three crescents azure, topped with a rose Gules
Narcisse-Achille Count Salvandy born on 22 Prairial Year III (10 June 1795) in Condom (Gers), died December 15, 1856 at Castle Graveron, Graveron-Semerville (Eure), officer, deputy, Councillor of State, twice Minister of public Instruction from 1837 to 1839 and from 1845 to 1848, Ambassador to Spain in 1841, to Piemont in 1843, member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences and of the French Academy . The motto "Virtuti salvandi and labore" corresponds to its own motto, while the motto Stella Duce (led by the star) is that of the family Salvandy. He married December 17, 1821, at Essonnes, Julie Feray Louise, born on 22 Prairial year VIII (11 June 1800) in Paris, died June 12, 1883 in Paris.

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