Litografia: Uccello di Cesare

Oggetto venduto

Lithograph with colored enhancements, collage of feathers and paper. The support is applied with a background perforated with lace.

Artist's proof numbered 116/400.

Signature printed lower right.

Slight yellowing.


César Baldaccini, aka César, is a French sculptor born in 1921 and died 1998 in Paris.
Self-taught, then educated at ENSBA of Paris, he worked with plaster and iron in 1947, then in 1957 thanks to a recuperation of found objects (tubes, screws,bolts...) from a scrap metal yard, he realized his first iron wrought sculptures. In 1960, he participated in the founding of the Nouveaux Réalistes Group with Arman, J. Villeglé, R. Hains. After 1960, he worked on the compression of cars (Peugeot, Fiat) then in 1968-1970 on expansions, molten crystal and created Pouce (Thumb), Poing (Fist) furthermore the César award for the best in cinema (French equivalent of the Oscars).


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