J. Lajoue - Paesaggio porto del Mediterraneo, del XVIII secolo

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Jacques de LAJOUE (Paris 1687-1761).

Paysage de port méditerranéen (Mediterranean Port Landscape).


75 x 84 cm (29-1/2 x 33 in.)

Our painting could possibly be linked to the overdoor panel conserved at the Musée Calvet, Avignon, mentioned in the Count of Toulouse's collection in 1731 (cf M. Roland Michel, Lajoüe et l'Art Rocaille, Paris, 1984, cat P.25 and P. 26).

Condition report:

The painting is presented in a satisfactory state of conservation, re-canvased close to 20 years ago, a re-canvasing that is slightly too strong. We note a slight wear of overall material however more perceptible with the browns on the level with the architecture. Also some restorations in the sky. The painting does not need any intervention for the time being.

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