Important inscribed carton. Egypt, end of the Late Period or Ptolemaic Period

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Important carton (Plastron) inscribed from a central column which is made up of six friezes depicting amulets. At the top, a square, Anubis and the Djed pillar, an oudjat eye, the ib hearts, Isis and two sons Horus; then two djed pillars, a scarab beetle, an ib heart, an Anubis and a female goddess; then a djed pillar, a tit knot, a shou and a snake, then two oudjat eyes, two masculine gods, a Khnoum with four heads, a pseudo ring and a ib heart, at the end two scarab beetles, Min god, two oudjat eyes, an Anubis on a naos, and a ouadj small column. Fabric with stucco polychromy of red, blue, green, yellow and black.

Egypt, late Late Period or Ptolemaic Period, 664 - 30 BC

Rapporto delle condizioni : Minor flaking and cracks

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