Christofle. Coperto Zucchero e gestire gamba, c'è attaccato una caraffa in metallo placcato

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Covered silver-plated sugar jar with gadrooned body, atop four foliage feet and strawberry finial.


Height: 17 cm (6-1/2 in.) - Width: 21,5 cm (8-1/2 in.).

We are including a silver-plated leg of lamb holder with flowered foliage decoration. Christofle
Height: 12,5 cm (5 in.).

One baluster plated-ware pitcher atop four feet and ends with coiled leather and foliaged decoration. Spout decorated with acanthus leaves, finial designed as acorn.
Ebonized wood handle.
Master silversmith P.H.
Height: 22 cm (8-1/2 in.).

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